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Sustainably developing the future to achieve justice and rule of law.


Margaret offers a unique approach in merging a variety of academic fields with the practicalities associated with pratitioners in the field. This innovative approach provides the best of academic research to combine with contextual implementation hurdles. 


This approach creates tailored solutions in complex legal and political environments. 



Margaret focuses on tailoring strategies to benefit the end user but also to fit within broader international frameworks. 


She works on strategy and development across the fields of justice, human rights, rule of law and all geographies. She brings expertise and immense enthusiasm and is known for her professional approach to all projects and work. 

Tarek Radwan, Associate Director of Research at Atlantic Council of the United States

Meg Zimmerman brings sharp wit and extraordinary energy to her study of international law and human rights. Not only can she analyze human rights violations with all the nuance that the legal paradigm surrounding it requires, but she also communicates this analysis in such a way that captivates her audience and spurs action. I have greatly enjoyed working with Meg and consider anyone lucky enough to secure her skills to have a truly formidable asset on their team."


Margaret Zimmerman and Judge Sang-Hyun Song, Former President of the International Criminal Court


• Ten years progressive research and professional experience in international human rights and criminal law


• Global international experience particularly in the Arab World, with a focus on conflict and post-conflict environments - Sudan, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Egypt


• Work with governments, diplomatic officials and various I/NGOs at both international and national levels as well as academics and researchers


• Experience with program design, life cycles, budget reports, monitoring and evaluation, supervision and implementation


• Significant experience in project management and strategy development


• Excels in international and multicultural environments with particular attention to excellent communication skills


• Commitment towards academic excellence through scholarship receipt and continued education at prestigious institutions